It took so few months for me to be so deeply disappointed in 2018.

If you haven't heard, the CEO of the PepsiCo, Indra Nooyi, sat down for an interview with to talk about her success, which she's had a lot of. And good for her.

I love to see a lady in power, but she said some things that the Internet and I are rolling our eyes at so hard it hurts.

Nooyi said that women don't like to crunch on their Doritos too loudly in public. She also went on to say men so joyously lick their fingers when they're done with a bag of Doritos and tip their heads back to enjoy the crumbs, but women they like a more demure chip.

She's obviously never seen me obliterate a bag of Doritos, but I'll extend an invite to her the next time I am binge-watching Great British Bake Off on a Saturday while going in on a bag of her company's chips.

I don't need quieter chips. I need society to care about women's rights like equal pay, our safety, our health and the list goes on.

The internet took notice, as it does, and I wasn't the only woman who scoffed:

Here is a small list of things I would rather have than lady-friendly crunchless chips:

  • equal pay
  • no pink tax
  • not being told to 'smile more.'
  • more women in positions of power
  • more women of color in positions of power
  • better representation in film and entertainment
  • body equality in film and entertainment
  • safety for my fellow woman

Doritos responded and said they are not developing Doritos for women:

So, lady chips aren't happening but what a silly thing to suggest and I'll wait with my tea for those other things to come to fruition.

Destiny Johnson is a digital reporter with First Coast News. She cares about women's rights and humans rights as she is both a woman and a human. You can follow her on Twitter: @hello_destiny