Todd Hayes was 14 years old during the 1980 Olympics.

And a lot has changed since Todd was growing up in Lake Placid, the site of those games.

“There was no laser light shows, it was during the day," he said, noting that the ceremony was nothing like the big productions they do today. "Basically it was parading in the athletes.”

And, thanks to a Boyscout troop and being in the right place at the right time, he got some incredible access to the games.

“I got to watch every U.S. hockey game,” and he said that included the Miracle on Ice game, USA vs Russia. “I didn't have to work that day but had a pass to go anywhere I wanted to go."

He was the flag bearer, and actually participated in the Opening Ceremony.

“We were actually on the ice the whole time holding the flags.”

Now 52, and living in Yulee, thanks in part to the Navy, he still goes back to Lake Placid from time to time to reminisce, which is easy there.

“You go into the arena and it looks the same now as it did in 80.”

Memories that come back like an avalanche every four years.

“Every winter Olympics it does, just being there in 80, I was young. But growing up in that atmosphere, every year, every 4 years, it’s must watch tv.”

And he appreciates that with all the changes in the world since 1980, an up close Olympic experience like his is incredibly rare.

“It actually means a lot, doing what I did 38 years ago," he said. "I sit here looking at the pictures now, there’s a handful of people who get to do that in their life.”