JACKSONVILLE, FL- When you meet Corey Woosley, you can tell he has a heart of gold. He is one of the incoming Freshman at the University of North Florida. He also has Klinefleters Syndrome and is on the autism spectrum. Yet, one of the goals he and his family set for him was to go to college!

Double checking his supplies, Corey Woosley or 'The Wooze' as he is sometimes called by friends is ready for his first day at UNF.

"I am more excited for him than I am nervous," says mom, Michelle Tucker, "He's really been trying to show me he is independent and doing his own thing, so this is a great opportunity."

Doors are opening for Corey and his future, but the journey to here all got started five years ago when Corey and his mom went to Keystone Behavioral Pediatrics on the Southside and met Erica Whitehouse.

"She's hilarious!" laughs Corey.

Erica, a senior behavior therapist at Keystone, was matched up with Corey from day one and she won him over with humor!

"Do you remember what you said your favorite part of college was?" Erica asked.

"Girls!" replied Corey with a laugh.

It took years of therapy, but each day Corey was moving closer and closer to his goal of going to college.

"She is an angel, she is hiding her angel wings. I can't thank her enough, she's been amazing," tells Tucker.

Corey was even accepted into The Arc Jacksonville at UNF meant to help students with learning disabilities attend UNF.

"I can't tell you how proud I am of him and that he gets to have this experience," tells Erica.

Corey says he will miss Keystone, but he is ready for this. So on his first day at UNF, who else better to start it with than Erica by his side, who Corey and his mom say was a major key to helping walk into this next chapter!

For more on Keystone Behavioral Pediatrics visit: https://www.keystonebehavioral.com/

For more on The Arc Jacksonville visit: http://www.arcjacksonville.org/