JACKSONVILLE, Fla.—The family of a student pilot who died in a Georgia plane crash in March 2014 has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the flight company and pilot-in-command at the time of the crash, a court filing in Jacksonville shows.

Adam Christopher Griffis, a father and husband, lost his life when the small plane he was flying from North Caroline to Jacksonville's Craig Airport crashed near Brunswick, Ga. The suit alleges that Airline Transport Professionals and the pilot of the plane at the time are at fault for the fatal crash.

Andres Santiago Lopez was in command of the flight, erroneously so, the lawsuit says, as he was a student pilot himself. Lopez also lost his life when the plane crashed.

The lawsuit alleges that ATP is at fault for allowing Lopez command of the flight when he was just a student himself and for not keeping the small plane in flying condition.

Both vacuum pumps failed on the flight, the suit says. The left pump was never functioning and the right failed while in the air.

In alleging negligence, gross negligence and vicarious liability (against Lopez's estate), the family of Grffis is asking for $15,000 in compensation.

A multi-day search was coordinated after the plane went missing near St. Simons Island back in 2014.

The plane was a Piper PA-44 aircraft.

The location where the plane went down. (Photo: Google Maps)
The location where the plane went down. (Photo: Google Maps)