A Jacksonville woman is recovering after a tree fell on her home and pinned her to her bed on Sunday.

“Nobody understands how I didn’t get hurt worse,” said Misty Powell.

Misty Powell still can't go home, traumatized with the memory of what happened.

“I didn't even want to be in the driveway,” Powell said.

She said at first, she didn’t realize what happened.

“All I hear is my husband yelling, ‘don't move, I'm trying to pull stuff off,’” Powell said.

Powell says she couldn't move if she tried, the tree had her pinned to the bed.

“I felt what felt like metal, I felt raindrops, debris,” Powell said. “I had sheet rock, I had insulation all over my face, my mouth, my eyes, my hair.”

Even so, Powell said she wasn't worried about herself.

“I freaked out thinking my daughter was in bed with me, because normally she takes naps with me,” Powell said.

In fact, she says her two-year-old was just about to come into the bedroom with her.

“My daughter wanted a cup made for her because they were going to come and lay down with me, and if they wouldn't have stopped to make that, they would've been laying down with me,” Powell said.

A single white patch is the only bandage she’s walking away with, but that does mean it’s any less painful.

“I went to the hospital they had me in a neck brace... I had a splinter in my neck,” Powell said. “On a pain scale I was at a 12 most of the time, even on medication.”

Powell says the frustrating part is that she says she saw something like this coming.

“I told the landlord's secretary that [the tree] was dead, it needed to come down before it landed either on my bedroom or our neighbors,” Powell said. “Nothing was done.”

As her trailer is now having to be restructured, Powell says she just feels lucky to be alive.

“I had some guardian angels looking out for me,” Powell said.