JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- According to Florida State Statute 791, all fiery displays of freedom must be in the form of a sparkler or something that sits on the ground and can be lit.

Basically, if it flies in the air it's illegal to light in Florida.

There is, however, somewhat of a loophole in the legislature that allows for the sale of things like roman candles and bottle rockets. State statute 791.07 allows for the sale of fireworks to scare off birds and things for agricultural reasons.

Sometimes, all that is required to purchase fireworks that are legal for agricultural reasons is a signature, which is why we still see the nighttime sky display in our neighborhoods.

In Georgia, the fireworks that are illegal in Florida are legal. The only caviat is that you must be 18 years or older to purchase them. In Georgia, you can shoot off fireworks until 12 a.m.

Celebrate the 4th safely!

Here is the comprehensive list of things that are legal to light off:

The Florida State Fire Marshal urges everyone who is celebrating to do so safely.

According the National Fire Protection Association, fireworks start an average of 18,500 fires per year, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission reports more than 11,000 fireworks-related emergency room visits in the U.S. during 2016.

To avoid adding to that statistic, make sure that there is no burn ban in your area, only set off legal fire works, and make sure they are set off on concrete or sand and not around grass or anything else that is easily lit on fire.

Additionally, be sure that there is a fire extinguisher and bucket of water around to extinguish used fireworks safely.

Happy 4th of July!