Every family has its own traditions when it comes to Thanksgiving dishes and some may be more unique than others.

Twitter user @mekosoff posted a tweet saying that she "cannot wait to hear about the recipes you're all excited to make for thanksgiving" and also that she was excited to hear about "the weird inexplicable retro family recipes that end up on your Thanksgiving table." 

She started things off by sharing her own weird family dish called Seafoam Salad and the users of Twitter took things from there chiming in with their own versions of unique Thanksgiving dishes.

Some users' dishes had some pretty extreme food combinations. 

Cool whip and green bell peppers? 

Other recipes included things that I didn't even understand. 


One recipe I was familiar with and is actually served at my family's Thanksgiving table. Instead of calling the dish a Watergate salad my family calls it Pistachio Pudding. I'm not ashamed to say that I actually LOVE it too. 

Some seemed like foods I know and love but with a very big twist...

But without a KEY ingredient... NO apples? and WITH Ritz crackers??? 

There was also an abundance of strange "salad" recipes.


Whatever weird, strange, or interesting dishes you choose to share with your family, here's to a very Happy Thanksgiving!