PITTSBURGH, Pa. -- Since 1877, the Duquesne Incline has been taking passengers up to what is now known as Mount Washington.

Boarding an 18-passenger car, you slowly make your way up the nearly 800-foot track taking in the spectacular view of Pittsburgh’s rivers, Heinz Field, and the snow below.

”You’re basically 400 feet above the lower station, 1200 feet above seas level. You’ve got about a 30-degree angle,” said Clyde Brunk, who is the head of maintenance for the Duquesne Incline. “The incline itself was originally steam operated. In the early thirties, it changed over to electricity, and there’s a wooden gear down underneath here that actually runs the incline. That’s what runs it. It’s all wooden-teeth driven.”

During his 49 years working here at the Duquesne Incline, Brunk has met tourists from all over the world.

On peak days, he says as many as 1,500 people take the ride up.

“It’s amazing how many people come here I basically said for the city itself is really a view of the city as you can see. You’ve got your Three Rivers. The Allegany on your right, Monongahela and the Ohio which goes all the way to the Mississippi.

At the top of the incline we heard “Duuuvaaal.”

It was Gloria Chase from Jacksonville, who came here with her friend, Julie Deguair, a Steelers fan.

“We’re sitting together at the game. We are leaving together, regardless of whether the Jaguars win or lose. The Jaguars are going to win. Duval ‘til we die,” Chase said.

Then another, ““Duuuvaaal!”

Andy Zawadski and Adam Mccahill drove to Pittsburgh from Jacksonville to cheer on the Jags Sunday.

“It’s been so many years waiting for this. It’s just a dream come true,” said Zawadski.

Despite temperatures in the teens Mccahill came wearing only a Jags sweatshirt with no coat or even gloves.

“I’m trying to prepare for the cold. I dressed light because we are going to be out there all day for the game. I have a little bit more for the game, but today I’m trying to get used to the cold.”

If you’re planning on going to Jaguars-Steelers game, take this advice from a Pittsburgh native.

“Dress very warm, and put more clothes on. Layers, tons of layers. The stadium is really cold, especially along the river down there,” Brunk said.