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WATCH: New sloth exhibit opens at St. Augustine Alligator Farm

Their Latin names mean “leaf eater” and “hairy”

A new exhibit opened Friday at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park, but don't expect the animals to be in any hurry.

Two two-toed sloths, Grizzly and Teddy, will call the park their home after months of build-out.

The new sloths—a male and a female—will then be released into their rainforest habitat. The event will conclude with a public celebration featuring sloth cupcakes and a special educational kiosk in operation until noon.


  • Sloths are placental mammals, not marsupials
  • Sloths are herbivores with fused pelvises and small brains
  • Their taxonomic suborder is Folivora, of the order Pilosa. 
  • Their Latin names mean “leaf eater” and “hairy”

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