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Want your own giant sculpture? | UNF's student art auction is live

These pieces took months to conceive and create. Now you can purchase one of your very own and place it out by your pool.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — If you’ve walked around Jacksonville Beach lately you might have noticed the giant sculptures at UNF’s Seaside Sculpture Park. 

Did one catch your eye? Well, right now you could bid to be the owner of your favorite piece. 

The colorful and whimsical pieces were made by the University of North Florida students. Now their hard work will help bring in money for the program they love so much.

Credit: UNF

Jenn Peek is a UNF sculpture student. 

"My piece is called Pop jellies," she said. "So that’s the one that’s currently at the beaches. It was inspired by pop art and of coarse jellyfish. And so I was kind of combining these very fluid, flowing movement along with those kid of bright color scheme with bold outlines. So it’s kind of a combination of those.”

Sculpture professor Jennifer Hager is excited to see her students work help out the school. 

"This is the first auction at UNF of this kind," Hager said. "It’s actually the first auction that I’ve heard of anywhere from any of my colleagues across the country.” 

Hager says her colleagues are watching this auction to see if its a success.

The bidding starts at $1,200 for the sculptures. Hager thinks this is a good deal because the material alone cost twice that. 

Credit: UNF

Olivia Warro just graduated.

"Oh I’m super excited, I can’t wait to see where it ends up," she said. 

Her Jumbo Shrimp, aka Bubba was inspired by the Mayport shrimp boats, the shrimp festival and of coarse, the Jacksonville jumbo shrimp baseball team. 

The proceeds from the online auction will go to support the UNF Sculpture Program. Hager wants to add the art and technology component. Specifically, a CNC plasma tool used for cutting precise lines. 

"Right now we have an idea and we need a precise cut of metal that can’t be cut by hand we actually have to farm that out and do that with a local fabricator outside of UNF," she said. "If we wanted to cut like a cool lace pattern and we wanted precise cuts, we would draw that in a computer and we would give that file to a local fabricator to have them cut it. Ideally, we would be able to do that in-house and we would be able to teach our students how to use those machines and equipment."

Peek is very honored and excited to see where her piece ends up. "The thing that I created gets to help my program that I’m very excited about that."

Warro hopes her Jumbo Shrimp would stay in Jacksonville somewhere around Mayport. Or even at the baseball grounds. "Who knows where it will end up but it’s definitely got the shrimp spirit there."

The seven sculptures created by UNF sculpture students up for sale are as follows:

  • “Pop Jellies” 2018 by senior Jenn Peek, steel and fiberglass (shown above)
  • “Jumbo Shrimp,” 2018 by almuna Olivia Warro, steel (shown above)
  • “Strombus Alatus,” 2017 by alumna Jen Broadbent, steel (below) 
Credit: UNF
  • “Cohesion,” 2017 by alumna Patricia Macias, steel (below)
Credit: UNF
  • “Ipseity,” 2017, by alumna Gabriella O'Toole, steel (below)
Credit: UNF
  • “Infinity Moth,” 2017 by alumna Victoria Priep, steel (below)
Credit: UNF
  • “Crouching Skeletal Figure,” 2017 by alumnus Matt Stanford, fiberglass/wood (below)
Credit: UNF

The auction goes until August 30 at 5:00 pm. So if you would like a sculpture for your business or backyard, click here

For more information about the sculptures, click here.