A second, separate incident is going viral on Facebook and Twitter Monday reportedly showing a black man being denied use of a Starbucks bathroom while a white man was allowed to use the bathroom without incident.

Brandon Ward of Carson, California shared a nearly 2-minute video of himself at a Los Angeles Starbucks, showing a white man walking out of a bathroom. Ward approaches the man and asks him how he was able to use the restroom, and the man said he asked for the bathroom code and a Starbucks employee gave it to him.

Ward asks the man if he had purchased anything, to which the man said he had not. Ward then walked with the man to the counter and confronted the store manager, implying that when he had asked an employee for the bathroom code, he was denied one.

The woman who identified herself as the store manager told Ward he could not film them and that he was not welcome at the Starbucks location.

She repeatedly said this is a “private business” and that “he is not allowed to be here anymore.”

Ward asked, “Is it my skin color?”

The Facebook post has been shared more than 16,000 times and viewed more than 424,000 times on the social media platform and is also spreading on Twitter.

The news of this incident comes just two days after two black men were arrested at a Philadelphia Starbucks after a store manager called police on them when they didn’t order anything.

The two men were reportedly waiting on another man to arrive for a meeting. Video footage of their arrest has since gone viral.

The Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson has condemned the incident that occurred in Philadelphia. You can find out more about that incident here.

Watch the Philadelphia arrest below:

First Coast News reached out to both Brandon Ward and Starbucks for additional comment on the Los Angeles Starbucks incident, but have not received additional comments as of publication.