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Yes, Trevor Lawrence has won every Saturday game he has played

With the Jaguars heading to Kansas City for yet another Saturday game, the universe may be on the side of the star quarterback.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla — For a third Saturday in a row, the Jacksonville Jaguars will take part in a do-or-die game.

Fans have claimed star quarterback Trevor Lawrence has especially good fortunes on Saturdays, to the point that he's never lost a game on one dating all the way back to high school.

QUESTION: Has Trevor Lawrence won every time he's played on a Saturday?

This is true.

SOURCES: Our sources are MaxPreps - a high school sports scouting site, Lawrence's high school athletic director, ESPN and the man himself, Trevor Lawrence.

Lawrence didn't have to gear up on Saturdays too often while at Cartersville High School in Georgia, but he did have a few weekend battles, including a tight game against St. Johns County's own Bartram Trail on a Saturday in 2017, when the Cartersville Hurricanes stormed their way to a 52-45 victory.

"It was an absolute phenomenal game to watch," said Cartersville Athletic Director Darrell Demastus. "It was a shootout. They were the ones that tried to come back and take over the game, but every time they would score, when it started getting close, we would score right behind them."

All told, MaxPreps and Demastus report Lawrence went 3-0 on Saturdays in high school.

He had quite a few more Saturdays to play in college, but with a 38-2 record in three years at Clemson, he didn't do a lot of losing.

A whopping 36 of those wins came on Saturdays according to ESPN.

Lawrence's only two losses in college were in the playoffs, on a Friday and a Monday, meaning he went undefeated on Saturday.

The Jaguars didn't find their way to any Saturday games in the 2021 season, but with back to back wins the past two weeks, Lawrence has managed to start his NFL Saturdays 2-0.

Add all that up, and Lawrence has thrown his way to 41-0 on Saturdays since high school, meaning we can Verify this claim is true.

The QB himself even addressed the streak during a news conference.

"You know, about that streak or whatever, it's honestly kind of a coincidence I've had Saturday games at all three levels," said Lawrence. "Let's keep that going. That means we're playing again next week, so that's the plan."

Admittedly, Lawrence's pee-wee records and any pick-up games he may have played on Saturdays aren't exactly easy to track down, but we can safely say the man feels pretty good on the first day of the weekend.

Lawrence even said the only middle school Saturday game that comes to mind was the state championship, and he won that one, too.

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