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Yes, police were called to Ponte Vedra Library several times during early voting

Residents of St. Johns County have reached out to First Coast News about claims of police being called to the library during early voting.

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. — *The above video is unrelated to this article and was originally published Monday.


Susan Kary sent First Coast News an email asking if we're aware of disputes during early voting at the Ponte Vedra Library resulting in law enforcement being called. 

Kary said she heard this occurred from another resident and wanted to know if it was true.


  • Supervisor of elections Vicky Oakes
  • Officer Peret Pass, St. Johns County Sheriff's Office Public Information 


This is true.

Yes, police were called, but it was not because of violence.


Supervisor of Elections Vicky Oakes said that the police have been called several times due to "solicitors" blocking traffic. There was no violence at the library and Oakes says early voting for the General Election actually been quieter and more cordial than during this year's Primary Elections. 

St. Johns County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Peret Pass confirmed this to be true.

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