Craig Kline, A former employee of Shad Khan’s, claims to have inside knowledge of plans to move the Jacksonville Jaguars to London.

First Coast News has verified Kline worked for London’s Fulham Football Club which is also owned by Shad Khan.

First Coast News also verified he left the club in 2017.

Several London media outlets reported that upon his departure, Kline accused the club of racism and called the cops on the organization after being “sacked” or fired, but there was no investigation.

Despite efforts to independently verify those reports with the club and with London’s Metropolitan Police Department, they has not been verified as true or false.

First Coast News verified the alleged Jaguars move isn’t the only claim Kline has made publicly.

A Twitter account under Kline’s name claims systemic corruption in the upcoming vote to allow Khan to purchase Wembley Stadium in London.

Another tweet claims he can prove fraud, child endangerment and exploitation within English football. He also posts screenshots of texts conversations claiming to be with Tony Khan, Shad Khan’s son, with his phone number included.

First Coast News called the number. Tony Khan declined to answer specifics and referred questions to spokesperson Jim Woodcock.

"This is nothing more than the same ongoing nonsense and bogus claims made by a former employee who left the club in 2017,” Woodcock said. “Nothing here merits a further response."

Kline turned down a phone interview with First Coast News but says he heard talks of moving the team to London firsthand.

Khan has repeatedly denied claims he plans to move the team to London.