A video that appears to show Broward County poll workers transporting ballots in their personal cars is getting thousands of views and shares on social media.

The video really took off after Sen. Marco Rubio tweeted about it.

First Coast News can verify Rubio actually retweeted the video from the account of Tim Canova, an independent who ran for congress in south Florida and lost to Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

First Coast News can verify the person who originally posted the video to Facebook is a woman named Joann Knox, who claims workers were transporting ballots in personal cars at the Plantation polling site in Broward County the night of the midterm elections.

The video never shows what’s in the cases, so First Coast News cannot verify if they actually contained ballots.

First Coast News can verify, however, that transporting ballots in personal cars is not unusual.

For example, locally, Duval County, St. Johns County and Clay County all allow it as long as ballots are in sealed containers and in the view of two people.