Some eagle-eyed shoppers at the new Durbin Park Walmart Supercenter in St. Johns County say they’re paying more than they bargained for, after getting taxed twice on their purchases.

But is it true? And if so, where is the money going?

First Coast News can verify that every customer who makes a purchase at the store, which opened Wednesday, November 7, pays 6.5 percent sales tax, plus 0.5 percent more.

"Tax one and tax two,” said customer Amanda Iacovella, after First Coast News asked her to look at her receipt. “That’s weird."

First Coast News can also verify the line labeled “tax two,” is a public infrastructure fee.

“Funds generated by the Public Infrastructure Fee are used to pay for extraordinary public infrastructure improvements and benefit the local community,” reads an informational card the store manager showed First Coast News.

Iacovella said she never saw the card or any other signage about the fee.

"I’m fine paying extra here to have nicer roads,” Iacovella said. "I guess a little more transparency would have been nice."

First Coast News can verify the DP1 Community Development District is behind it.

According to the district website, it's a special purpose government entity established July of 2017 by the Board of County Commissioners.

District Chair Bobby Bennet tells First Coast News the fee will apply to all retailers located in the new Pavillion at Durbin Park Shopping Center. The Walmart is the only business open there now, but more are on the way.

Bennet says the fee will go away when the public improvement projects are finished.