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University of Florida Gators quarterback Jalon Jones accused of sexual battery

According to reports, Jones intends to transfer.
Credit: University of Florida

University of Florida quarterback and top recruit Jalon Jones was accused of sexual battery last month, according two separate police reports. According to the incident reports obtained by First Coast News, Jones was accused of sexual battery twice on April 6 2019. The alleged incidents occurred at the Keys Complex on the university’s campus.

The first incident is alleged to have happened around 2 a.m. when the victim and Jones were in his room having consensual sex, the report says. During sex, Jones’ room door opened and two fellow football players entered laughing and talking, the report says.

The victim says at that point, she told Jones to stop and he refused and according to the victim’s statement, the other players left the room once they realized she and Jones were having sex. But the report goes on to say that Jones continues to have sex with her after she repeatedly told him to stop.

She says she was able to push Jones off her and get dressed before leaving his room, according to the report.

The second report is from the same day but 30 minutes later. It says the victim was in the kitchen having a drink of water.

Jones entered the kitchen and proceeded to console her after she had an argument with a friend, the report says. She said Jones allegedly began to have sex with her despite her telling him no multiple times. She said he only stopped when he saw one of his teammates in the living room area.

She told police she was able to push Jones off of her and get dress before leaving, the report says. The alleged victim, a UF student, went to Shands Hospital and had a rape kit done.

She has declined to press charges. It's unclear if there are two different victims.

“We are aware of the incident reports and have followed athletic department and campus protocols,” UF Gators spokesperson Steve McClain said via email.

Multiple news reports have said Jones intends to transfer from Florida.