Two comic book stores in Jacksonville were the targets of thieves who made off with hundreds of dollars worth of comics, according to the businesses' posts to Facebook Wednesday.

Mythical Mountain, a comic and collectibles store in Mandarin posted surveillance photos to Facebook showing two men accused of stealing pricey back-issue comics from the store.

Mythical Mountain says the two men claimed to be father and son. The business told First Coast News the stolen issues are worth around $100 a piece.

That same day, Gotham City Limit, a comic store in Southside posted to Facebook surveillance photos of what appeared to be the same suspects. The store said via Facebook the two men stole $200 worth of comics and collectibles. The owner of the store told First Coast News one man posed as a distraction while the other walked around the store, slipping items into a concealed bag.

First Coast News reached out to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office for more information on the thefts but JSO said they did not have any information at this time.