Darien, Ga. -- The Georgia Department of Natural Resources is piecing together the mystery surrounding a viral video that features a sea creature.

Jeff Warren, of Waycross, said he spotted the carcass with his son while out on Wolfe Island a few weeks ago. Warren said he initially thought the creature was a decomposing eel.

Since then people and cryptozoologists have been scratching their heads trying to figure out if it could be the legendary sea monster, the Altamaha-ha.

Officials with GDN said they created a high-resolution image in which the sea monster appears to be a hoax:

Key indicators:

  • The image appears to show where footprints have been wiped away to hide movement or placement of the object.
  • Despite being dead, the sea creature’s tail is stiff and upright, and appears to have been created through papier-mâché or spray paint.
  • The organs are believed to be that of a fish placed next to the object.
  • There are no close-ups of the creature and it was not taken to a lab for research.

Upon our own research, we’ve had little contact with Warren since receiving the video. We called numbers affiliated to a Jeff Warren in Waycross but were unable to reach the same person.

Other theories suggest Mr. Warren might be a fake name used as a cover-up. Many people have speculated online that author Taylor Brown, who wrote “River Kings” about the Altamaha-ha, created the creature to promote his latest book launch.

“I was down there whenever it was discovered but I had nothing to do with it, although I wish I had for my last book,” Brown said. “If you reach Mr. Warren, please let him know I said thank you.”

Claims of “Altie” date all the way back to the 1820’s. A sea captain that told the local Darien newspaper about a sea monster that attacked his vessel and chased his crews.

So do you believe?