JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Riverside residents have been complaining about a problem, a stinky problem, that is on the other side of their property lines.

It is a dumpster full or trash with the lids wide open.

"Our bedroom window is right above that dumpster," said Harvey.

He said there are days when the stench is overwhelming.

"It is the smell," he said, "you see raccoons, rodents, squirrels trying to get into the garbage."

He said the problem has been repeated over and over for the past three months. Complaints were filed with the Florida Department of Health and Jacksonville's Municipal Code Enforcement Division.

The trash is coming from several restaurants on Park Street and Lola's on King Street. They're all sharing the same dumpster.

Whiteway Corner Realty owns the property and gave Lola's and the others permission to place the dumpster on its property.

"We said you can put the dumpster on our property but we get to use and all of our tenants and you pay for it," said George Martin. Martin is president of the company. He said they had agreed to dump the dumpster six times a week.

"I don't know what happened here," he said

A truck showed up while we were there and got rid of the neighborhood nuisance for now.

"Looks like they need to come some more," said Martin.

Going forward, Martin said if the dumpster is not emptied routinely his company will get involved.

"We will make sure that they do," he said, "you better believe it."