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Stay Up & Save: Publix vs. Winn Dixie

When it comes to groceries, which store saves you the most money? We put them to the test!

Everybody loves getting a good deal, especially when it comes to buying groceries. But which grocery store saves you the most money: Publix or Winn Dixie?

Last week, we asked folks on Facebook what five-to-ten essential items they get at a grocery store every week. We picked Jaime Littlefield's list at random and checked both grocery stores to see where we could get more bang for our buck.

On her list, Littlefield says she buys milk, eggs, cheese and shredded cheese, lunch meat, which is common among several people's posts.

Here's what we found:

Two gallons of dairy pure skim milk:

  • Publix:$5.49
  • Winn Dixie: $4.99

A dozen Eggland's best large graded A eggs:

  • Publix: $3
  • Winn Dixie: $2.91

Sargento cheese:

  • Publix: $3.49
  • Winn Dixie: $3.49

Kraft sharp shredded cheddar

  • Publix: $4.19
  • Winn Dixie: $2.15

Land O'Frost premium hickory smoked ham:

  • Publix: $5.79
  • Winn Dixie: $5.99

Littlefield also buys sour cream, light greek yogurt and protein shakes. We found that Daisy light sour cream is cheaper at Winn Dixie, Dannon light greek yogurt is cheaper at Publix and Slimfast protein shakes cost $13.99 at both stores.

When it comes to Littlefield's list, the winner is Winn Dixie, saving a total of $3.28.

If you want to compare prices before leaving your house, use The Basket App, which lets you compare the same products at different stores.

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