ST. JOHNS CO., Fla.--- The new part of 9-B extends two miles from I-95 to County Road 2209. The project is expected to cut commute travel times, as one driver told First Coast News it is cutting 20 minutes off her commute.

While a nearby homeowner is expected to have some noise, he's hoping FDOT will make some changes following the increase in traffic patterns.

Bobby Price has lived in St. John's County nearly all his life. He says he wasn't a fan of FDOT's extension of 9B from the beginning. He did receive nearly $16,000 through the eminent domain process. He says not only was the price-tag upsetting, but the noise that's followed is worse than he could imagine.

“I moved here when I was 24," said Bobby Price.

Bobby Price is a man who enjoys his piece and quiet from his back porch.

“This used to be my sanctuary. You could just sit here, hear nothing but birds."

The peaceful animal noises that he'd hear from his back porch are non-existent now with the extension of 9B.

“Nothing here now but cars, semi’s and noise.”

Noise, literally in his backyard.

“If they would’ve went a quarter mile that way everything would’ve been great.”

Price knows he’s stuck living with the noise, but would like to see help from FDOT.

FDOT did conduct a noise study before building the 9B extension to consider whether a wall would be feasible and reasonable. Spokesman Hampton Ray told First Coast News this project did not meet that criteria.

“If I just had a wall here to keep everything away.”

While price is paying the price in noise to live here, he’s working on his own solution. He’s planting bamboo stalks in hopes of cutting down the noise.

“It’s pretty safe to say, I’m not happy at all, he added with a laugh. Well I mean this is progress I guess, I just wish it wasn’t right here," Price said.

Price did add that he felt for the majority of people the extension of 9B was neccessary, he just wishes the project wasn't in his backyard.