JACKSONVILLE, FL- In 2020, you will see something new at the Olympic games. Something on four-wheels that has a deep history in Jacksonville.

"Skateboarding is born and bred in America. Like hot dogs, apple pie and skateboarding," says Martin Ramos, the caretaker of Kona Skatepark.

It takes a lot of work to become an Olympian.

"It would be amazing, representing my country skateboarding," says 12-year-old Connor Lerian as he practices at Kona.

In the 2020 games in Tokyo, the kids practicing everyday at Kona could be some of the faces you’ll see getting air.

"To be an Olympic athlete is something that is cherished by anybody, there is no downside to that," says Ramos.

Jacksonville could be a major player, Ramos says, he could see our city becoming an Olympic training center for the sport.

"I think that is a big breakthrough for skateboarders because you have all these other sports, but if you love skate boarding that is what you want to do," says Chloe Kerch. Her father was a skateboarder and passed his love of the sport on to her.

Like other up and coming athletes, these 12 and 13-years-olds are grinding away for their chance at a medal, practicing up to seven hours a day.

In 2020 their dreams could be a reality.

"They are finally going to make it a real sport which means I could go rep for America, that’s really cool," says 12-year-old Tyson Zane.

The first to ever compete for skateboarding Olympic medals, carving their way into history.

"We have an exciting four years ahead of us in the skateboarding industry," says Ramos.

The International Olympic Committee has also approved four other sports for 2020, those include baseball/softball, karate, sport climbing and surfing!