An Ocala mom is going to extreme measures to find her son a kidney. Her 19-year-old son has a rare genetic disorder.

Jill Brannen and her family are on a mission to save his life. Rivera has Alport Syndrome leaving 90 percent of his kidneys in scar tissue. Patients of Alport Syndrome experience loss of kidney function, causing end-stage kidney disease.

He's on dialysis now. Brannen tells First Coast News a new kidney would increase his life expectancy and his quality of life. She's hoping kind drivers with type o or type a can help.

They've been to two street corners in Ocala, and one in Belleview.

They plan to come to Jacksonville on Saturday where they will stand on Blanding Boulevard near the beltway. So far, about 20 people have filled an application to donate a kidney to this family, but none have been matches.

If you want to help, call Jill Brannen at 704-213-5190.

Click Here to learn more about kidney donations and the National Kidney Foundation.