A Baker County man recently terminated from his job due to 'documented sexual harassment' was arrested on Saturday after several guns used to make online threats were seized from his home.

Brandon Wayne Yancey, 44, made some threats during an online conversation, which was reported to police. According to a release from the Baker County Sheriff's Office he was seen in a ski mask holding numerous guns ranging from handguns to assault-style rifles.

He stated in the conversation, “Thinking about doing something. Do not know if I should. Recent events say go for it”.

Officials believe that Yancey was upset over being fired and may have been seeing retaliation.

Officers went to Yancey's house, where he lives with his parents, and spoke to both Yancey and his parents, but were denied access to the home. After obtaining a search warrant they seized numerous firearms, including but was not limited to, several assault-style rifles, handguns, an AK-47 assault rifle, a black skull mask, gloves, and clothing; all which were observed by Yancey in pictures he posted to social media.

Other notable firearms and accessories such as stocks from rifles and extended capacity magazines were also seized from the residence. Yancey was transported to the Baker County Detention Center.

Yancey did originally admit to posting photos in a conversation on social media but denied making any specific threats toward anyone.