Do you live life in the fast lane? We're talking about driving back and forth down I-95, going to work, picking up the kids from school, and making a stop at the grocery store.

Let's be honest, we're all busy people and sometimes we get distracted and that makes us an easy target for someone up to no good.

"You always want to be observant of everything that's going on around you," Shane Thompson said.

Shane Thompson is a certified security consultant and president of Guardian Solutions.

"Criminals are opportunistic, they're looking for that easy target, that easy victim," Chris Oklevitch said.

Chris Oklevitch is a former Jacksonville Sheriff's Office employee who studied criminology. He is now the owner of the Women's Defense Company.

Oklevitch and Thompson are our security experts for this story.

First Safety Tip: How often do you walk out of the store with your cell phone in hand, head down. scrolling through your text messages? Our security experts say you need to take your eyes off your phone and pay attention to what's around you.

"Look around, who is parked next to you," Oklevitch responded.

Avoid parking next to tall trucks, SUVs or bushes where someone can hide and park in a well-lit area. When you're walking in the St. Johns Town Center or maybe downtown, the store windows tell all.

"I always use the windows of the businesses as we're walking by to kind of see reflections, I can see what's behind me," Shane Thompson showed First Coast News Anchor Anthony Austin.

Second Safety Tip: If you're jogging in a park or through your neighborhood, do you put in your ear buds and crank up the volume? Our safety experts say you should take them out, so you can hear what's happening around you.

"And a good way to do it is to use the speaker on your phone, turn it up loud, put it in your pocket, you can hear that. and still see what's going on around you," Oklevitch said.

Best time to go for a run? Chris says during lunchtime or when you know a lot of people will be there. Also, invite friends or family so you're not alone. If you think you're being followed, stop and make eye contact with that person.

"It's ok for me to stop and get off that trail and face them, so I can pay attention to what's going on," Oklevitch said.

Third Safety Tip: When it comes to traveling, studies show you're more like to survive a crash sitting in a middle seat in the back of the plane. When staying in a hotel, safety experts will tell you to pick a room between the third and sixth floors. High enough to avoid easy break-ins, but low enough to be reached by a ladder on a fire truck.

Fourth Safety Tip: If you're on a road trip or just driving around town and your car is running out of gas, find a well-lit service station and a gas pump in view of the store clerk. Also, lock your doors when you get out of the car.

"It takes just a few seconds to turn your back and swipe your card at that pump and someone is in your car," Thompson said.

Fifth Safety Tip: For all you sports fans, pay attention to where the exits are in the stadium and locate where security officers are stationed.

"Know where you're at. Everyone else is going to head in that same area. Be a step ahead of everyone else," Thompson added.

Final Safety Tip: At work, take some time to get up from your desk and walk around the office. You never know when you might spot something out of the ordinary.

"Most of the people are focused on their task and everything going on around them, they don't even look," Thompson said.