It’s an annual Middelburg tradition where hundreds of seniors, adults, and kids are treated to a Thanksgiving feast free of charge, and it’s all thanks to Bobbie Taylor and Gerald Beasley, a couple who share a passion to serve.

"There’s a need everywhere all you have to do is look around,"Taylor said.

The two have been married for eight years and have their own restaurants, both are known for their country style cooking and seafood cuisine.

"You have to give back to the community, it’s from our heart, we’ve been blessed for ten years. If you can’t give back the blessings that you have then you don’t deserve the blessings you’re getting," Beasley said.

Jeffrey Blanton and his family have attended the annual feast for the last five years.

"I don’t have to cook I don’t have to clean up, my wife doesn't have to cook or clean up and it just makes life a whole lot easier to be able to just come and eat," he said.

It’s more than just an average meal. Turkey with all the trimmings, prime rib, ham, sweet potato casserole, and a variety of pies.

The couple also shares a desire to give back.

"People that are without their significant other anymore, we have grandparents raising grandchildren and it’s a way for the whole community to come together as one big family," Taylor said.

They not only touch the lives of people in need but their employees has well.

"They really affect so many people and I don’t think they even really know it there’s so much good that comes out of them," Angie Wolters said.

Angie has been working with Gerald and Bobbi for a year she says both Gerald and Bobbi have played an integral role in helping raise her two sons.

"You know the Christmases that I’ve been able to do now for the kids or a birthday or whatever it is, it’s because of being here."