SeaWorld Orlando has welcomed its newest addition to its marine-life family earlier this month!

On July 3, a baby Pacific walrus calf was born to mom, Kaboodle, and dad, Garfield. The baby is a 150-pound female. At this time, she doesn't have a name.

SeaWorld says both the mama and the baby are doing well.

This was 16-year-old Kaboodle's second calf -- and the second walrus calf born at SeaWorld. She gave birth to her first calf, Ginger, in June 2017.

Kaboodle's newest calf is expected to gain about 1.5 to 2 pounds a day and grow 4 to 6 inches each month.

Walrus SeaWorld2
A 150-pound baby walrus was born on July 3 at SeaWorld Orlando.
SeaWorld - Bethany Bagley