Gov. Ron Desantis was in Jacksonville Friday at the Made in Space facility to announce a new opportunity for the future of space technology in Florida.

Desantis announced that Made in Space, a company that develops state-of-the-art space manufacturing technology to support space exploration, will be moving their corporate headquarters to Jacksonville.

"We are in Florida, I think, in the midst of a great Renaissance with respect to space," Desantis said. 'If you look back 10 years ago... down in a place like Cape Canaveral you know the space shuttle had been retired, the area was not looking great into the future and then what we've seen, partially with the advent of technology... is all these companies coming into Florida." 

The move will reportedly bring a number of new high-paying jobs and help bring an entirely new technology sector to the First Coast.

"We want companies like this to succeed because we think that means more opportunities for the citizens of Florida," Desantis said.