Jacksonville, Fla.- Business owners and people living in San Marco are worried about Hurricane season.

Residents, like Jason McNeil said streets like Riviera, Moro, Columbia and Belmont flood anytime there’s moderate-to-severe rainfall.

“Before Hurricane Irma, we would flood probably about twice a year,” McNiel said. “Now, I see it flood about three times a week and it’s only getting worse.”

According to the city, drainage issues coupled with high-tides and the current, and the pump system at LaSalle Street, are contributing to the mess.

“Many houses on Riviera are finally repaired after Irma but now, they could be flooded anytime it rains,” McNeil said.

Currently, Public Works is planning on constructing a new $8 million pump system at LaSalle, which could alleviate rising tides and help with rain water. Unfortunately, with limited funding, the project could take up to three years to complete.

City officials said they will work to unclog drains whenever flooding occurs.