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Everything you need to know about Jacksonville's mask mandate

You must now wear a face covering in Duval County when you're in public and in indoor spaces where you can't social distance.

The mask mandate in Jacksonville, which went into effect at 5 p.m. Monday, has led to many questions.

The city says you must now wear a face-covering in Duval County when you're in public and spaces where you can't social distance but hasn't given many specifics about where you may not have to wear a mask or how it will be enforced. 

First Coast News is digging deeper with the information you need to know before heading out into public. 

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1. Who must wear a mask? 

Everyone over the age of 6 must wear a mask. This applies to employees and customers of businesses. 

Law enforcement, firefighters, and public safety workers are exempt. 

There must be an ADA accommodation and the city says a business must serve someone who has a disability that keeps them from wearing the mask. 

The business must do so in a way that does not jeopardize the health of the people at the business. They give an example of curb-side service or delivery service.

2. Where do I wear a mask?

 Masks are now mandatory in public in Duval County and in indoor spaces where you can't social distance.

The city says you must wear a face mask at all times unless you can social distance or if wearing a mask keeps you from doing what you're at an establishment for. Examples include eating in a restaurant or being treated at a dentist's office. The people who work at the business are in charge of making sure everyone follows the rule and you can be denied entry if you don't have a mask on.

As for gyms, many places are requiring you wear a mask until you get to your space, like a mat, where you do the workout. Check with your fitness center to see what their protocol is.

3. How will it be enforced?

City leaders say they're finalizing plans and right now they ask everyone to do what's in the best interest of those who are most vulnerable. This is the response from Jacksonville Chief of Staff Jordan Elsbury when asked about enforcing the mandate:

"We've asked people to exercise personal responsibility related to this for months, asking them to continue to do that now," he said.

Other cities like St. Augustine are issuing tickets of up to $500 for violating the mandate.

4. What about the Republican National Convention?

A statement was released by the RNC stating they will "fully comply with local health regulations in place at the time."

About 200 Florida doctors signed open letter to Mayor Lenny Curry calling RNC hosting 'medically disrespectful to citizens.' Learn more about it here.

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