JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – There will be no May runoff election in the nearly year-long campaign for Jacksonville mayor.

Mayor Lenny Curry cruised to an easy election victory, earning 58% of the vote Tuesday evening. He needed 50 percent plus 1 to avoid a runoff.

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With most precincts reporting, Curry amassed over 83,000 votes while his nearest opponent, Republican City Councilwoman Anne Brosche captured over 34,000 of the vote.

Map of precincts won by Lenny Curry (Yellow) vs. precincts won by Anna Broche (Green)
This map shows the precincts won by Lenny Curry (in yellow) vs. the precincts won by Anna Broche (green).
Duval County Supervisor of Elections

Candidates Jimmy Hill garnered over 10,000 votes and Omega Allen, the sole Democrat in the race, claimed 15,000 votes.

Political analysts believe that Brosche entered the race too late to amount any type of significant challenge to Curry’s political machine.

Brosche’s campaign was less about her own platform, and more a strategy opposing Curry. She focused attacks on the 48-year-old mayor’s efforts on fighting violent crime, and his plan for downtown development.

Curry’s Political Action Committee hit back against the former council president with a series of ads attacking her credibility and her role in a possible public records law violations.

Brosche’s loss represents the end of a four-year term where she challenged a potential sale of JEA and fought for civil rights.

Curry will begin his second term by taking the oath of office on July 1, 2019.

Brosche released the following statement Tuesday evening:

“Jacksonville is an incredible city with unlimited potential. While I am understandably disappointed in the results of today’s election, I congratulate Mayor Curry on his second term.

“One of the highlights of this campaign for me was the opportunity to get out into our community and meet with some truly inspiring people. I have absolutely no regrets about my decision to run for mayor because that decision allowed me to learn so much more about the different areas in our community, the needs and challenges that each face, and the unbelievable amount of hope that exists here for our future.”

“I would like to thank Jimmy Hill and Omega Allen for also running in this race and engaging with the community at every opportunity. Running for office is not an easy thing to do and I do not believe either of them made that decision lightly. The time they spent campaigning, attending forums, and interacting with the voters shows they both care deeply for this city and I have the utmost respect for their passion to improve Jacksonville. I have enjoyed getting to know each of them better during this campaign. I would also like to thank my supporters who lifted me up in so many different ways over the past several months. They will never fully know how much their votes of confidence have meant to me.”

“While the voters have spoken and I honor their decision, it is my sincere hope that all of our citizens take an active role in their government. For our city to meet its potential, we must work together to meet our challenges head on and invest in our neighborhoods and our children. It is vital for the future of our city that our citizens insist their voices be heard and fight for inclusiveness, transparency, and a government that serves all of the citizens of Jacksonville, not just the donor class. I pray that our community holds this mayor accountable and fights diligently to protect our assets.”

“Serving the citizens of Jacksonville for the past four years on city council will always be one of the highlights of my life and I appreciate the voters for giving me that opportunity.”