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Who are the Jacksonville City Council candidates on Tuesday's ballot?

There are four candidates, two Democrats and two Republicans, who are running.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — On Tuesday, Duval County will cast their votes to fill the Jacksonville City Council seat left vacant following the death of Tommy Hazouri.

There are four candidates, two Democrats and two Republicans, who have qualified for the election:

  • James C. 'Coach' Jacobs (Democrat)
  • Nick Howland (Republican)
  • Tracye A. Polson (Democrat)
  • Howland 'Howdy' Russell (Republican)

Voter registration ended on Nov. 8.

Early voting began Saturday, Nov. 27 and continued through Sunday, Dec. 5. Election Day is on Dec. 7.

Turnout so far for the special election has been very low. Only about 7% of those eligible came out for early voting.

The Duval County Supervisor of Elections is anticipating less than a 13% turnout for the election overall.

For people who have questions on voting, visit the county's election website or call 904-255 -VOTE (904-255-8683).

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Where can you vote?

The 119 precincts around Jacksonville will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday.

Follow the directions below to find your Election Day polling place.

Click here.

 Who are the candidates?

  • James C. 'Coach' Jacobs (Democrat)

He was born and raised in Sarasota, Florida and formally educated in Jacksonville. Coach Jacobs has been intimately involved in Duval County Schools from 2001 to present.

He has a Bachelor's Degree in Public Safety Management. He is a certified Athletic Sports Coach for grades K-12. He`s also a school trained Emergency Medical Technician and First Responder.

Jacobs is a currently a Program Director/Athletic Coach with Duval County Schools.

  1. "Coach" James C. Jacobs #1 priority is Autistic and special needs programs the lack there of. Day 1 Jacobs has a plan to improve the quality of life for all special needs families.
  2. "Coach" James C. Jacobs believes that the septic tanks problems in Jacksonville especially the inner city areas needs to be removed finally for the betterment of the quality of life for everyone.
  3. "Coach" James C. Jacobs believes the city flooding areas and rising sea levels needs attention immediately."

Click here to read more about Coach Jacobs.

  • Nick Howland (Republican)

Howland earned a bachelor's degree from Duke University and an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago. His professional experience includes working in executive management for defense, security, and marine safety companies. He served as a U.S. Naval officer from 1995 to 1999. 

Howland has served as a board member for the First Coast Manufacturers Association (EPB) and as a member of the City of Jacksonville Environmental Protection Board.  Currently, Nick is the Executive Director of The Fire Watch, Northeast Florida’s fight to end veteran suicide 

Howland's priorities include:

  1. "Keeping our streets safe by supporting our first responders
  2. Supporting jacksonville's small businesses and promoting job growth
  3. Providing a high quality of life for every neighborhood in our city"

Click here for more about Nick Howland.

  • Dr. Tracye Polson (Democrat)

Dr. Tracye Polson is a licensed clinical social worker, mom, cancer survivor and small business owner who lives and works in Jacksonville’s Southeast side. She serves as Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors at Agape Family Health Center and volunteers regularly in support of women candidates.

Polson serves on the Board of Directors of Agape Family Health Center.  

Her priorities include:

  1. "TRANSPARENCY + ACCOUNTABILITY - It’s clear that Jacksonville doesn’t trust its leaders. From attempting to sell JEA to subsidizing hotels to millionaires, Jacksonville residents are tired of the same old pay-to-play politics. 
  2. COMMUNITY WELLBEING - Florida ranks low to last in most health outcomes, including mental health.... I pledge to use my experience as a social worker and mental health professional to explore and fight for caring, nonviolent solutions like the ones outlined in the Safer Together report. 
  3. ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE - It’s no secret that Jacksonville’s environment is in danger. From the flooding and extreme heat of climate change to the self-inflicted dredging and pollution of our rivers and soil..."

Click here to read more about Tracye Polson.

  • Howland 'Howdy' Russell (Republican)

Howland 'Howdy' Russell has lived in Jacksonville for over 30 years. He believes Jacksonville is the 'Gateway to Florida' for the thousands of tourists visiting Florida, but most importantly, Jacksonville is our home.

"We certainly do not need any more taxes. I believe that my business experience will bring a fresh perspective to the City Council with new ideas, pointed questions and a Councilman who will give you the absolute truth."

His main priorities include:

"My #1 priority is to ensure Jacksonville is a safe place to live. I believe we need a thriving Downtown, but that cannot be our only focus. Our Historic Neighborhoods need mores sidewalks, the Beaches need a completed pier, septic tanks need to be removed across town and our recycling should be picked up every two weeks!"

Click here for more information about Howland Russell.

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