The folks at Funny or Die are at it again, y'all-- they've produced yet another video that pokes fun at North Carolina's ever-controversial House Bill 2.

The video, which was published on Wednesday, introduces you to Officer Tammy Cox, who is training a new batch of recruits for the bathroom police, whose mission is to "uphold the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act (the formal name for House Bill2), and keep every one of our great country's public restrooms a safe and wholesome place."

We'll warn you, the content of this video might leave you flush, and we advise only mature viewers to watch.

Bathroom Cop from Funny Or Die

ICYMI: This isn't the first time Funny or Die has taken a stab at North Carolina since passing HB2; the website re-voiced an actual North Carolina tourism ad, which opens with "Ah, North Carolina. Home of beaches, mountains and an extremely homophobic governor."