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Georgia 2020 Voter Guide | Everything you need to know about the election, your county races

Election Day is Nov. 3. Here's a guide with important dates from early voting, to mail in ballots to everything and everyone on the ballot in your county.
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  • Election Day is Nov. 3.
  • Deadline to register online to vote is Oct. 5.
  • Deadline for registering by mail to vote must be postmarked by Oct. 5.
  • Deadline to register in person to vote is Oct. 5.
  • Deadline to request a ballot by mail must be received by Oct. 30.
  • Early voting period runs from Oct. 12 to Oct. 30. *Some dates and hours may vary based on where you live.


Brantley County: 

**All local races are unopposed

Camden County: 

Board of Commissioners Dist. 1:

Lannie Brant (R) vs. Kevin Walker (D)

St. Marys Mayor

John Morrissey (Incumbent) vs. Jerre Brumbelow

St. Marys City Council

Dave Reilly (Incumbent) vs. Rindy Howell

St. Marys City Council

Allen Rassi (Incumbent) vs. Jay Moreno vs. Cody Smith

St. Marys City Council

Nathan Floyd vs. Cheryl Honeycutt vs. Lisa James

Charlton County: 

Folkston City Council At Large

Jim Gowen vs. Raymond Roberts

Glynn County: 

County Commissioner At Large Post 2:

Walter Rafolski (R) vs. Taylor Ritz (D)

County Commissioner Dist. 2:

Cap Fendig (R) vs. Julian “Puddy” Smith (D)

Tax Commissioner:

Jeff Chapman (R) vs. Utrina “Trina” Rankin (D)

Board of Education At Large Post 2:

Jerry Mancil (R) vs. Regina Johnson (D)

Pierce County: 

County Commission Dist. 1:

Harold Rozier (R) vs. Tyrone Harris (D)

Ware County: 

Ware Sheriff:

Randy Royal (R / Incumbent) vs. Chris Tatum (D)

Ballot Question:

Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax: 1% Sales Tax to fund roads, street, bridge, drainage improvements and equipment.


GA Proposed Constitutional Amendments: 


Dedicating Tax and Fee Revenue Amendment (HR 164)


Authorizes the Georgia Legislature to dedicate tax or fee revenue to the public purpose for which the taxes or fees were imposed


Allow Residents to Seek Declaratory Relief from Certain Laws Amendment (HR 1023)

Administration of government

Allows residents to seek declaratory relief from state or local laws that violate the state Constitution or state law

GA Statewide Referendum: 

Establishes a tax exemption for certain real property owned by charities. (House Bill 344, Act No. 149)

Southeast Georgia Races

U.S. Senate:

U.S. Senate (Special Election: To fill the Unexpired Term of Johnny Isakson)

Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R / Incumbent) (is running for a full term. She was appointed by Gov. Kemp to replace Sen. Isakson - who resigned in 2019. All candidates will be on the same ballot to serve out the rest of the term until 2022. If no candidate earns a majority: there will be a special January 5th runoff with the 2 highest candidates.

Her opponents:

Al Bartell (I)

Allen Buckley (I)

Rep. Doug Collins (R)

John Fortuin (Green)

Derrick Grayson (R)

Michael Greene (I)

Annette Jackson (R)

Deborah Jackson (D)

Jamesia James (D)

A. Wayne Johnson (R)

Tamara Johnson-Shealey (D)

Matt Lieberman (D)

Joy Felicia Slade (D)

Brain Slowinski (LPF)

Valencia Stovall (I)

Ed Tarver (D)

Kandiss Taylor (R)

Pastor Raphael Warnock (D)

Richard Dien Winfield (D)

U.S. Senate 

Sen. David Perdue (R / Incumbent)

Jon Ossoff (D)

Shane Hazel (LPF)

U.S. Congressional Races:

U.S. Rep Dist. 1 (Brantley, Camden, Charlton, Glynn, Pierce, Ware):

Earl “Buddy” Carter (R / Incumbent) vs. Joyce Griggs (D)

GA State Senate:

State Senate Dist. 3 (Brantley, Camden, Glynn, Charlton):

Sheila McNeil (R) Unopposed

State Senate Dist. 7 (Charlton, Ware, Pierce):

Tyler Harper (R / Incumbent) Unopposed

Georgia State House: 

GA House Dist. 167 (Glynn):

Buddy DeLoach (R)

GA House Dist. 174 (Ware, Charlton, Camden)

John Corbett (R / Incumbent) Unopposed

GA House Dist. 178 (Brantley, Pierce)

Steven Meeks (R / Incumbent) Unopposed

GA House Dist. 179 (Glynn)

Julie Jordan (D) vs. Don Hogan (R / Incumbent)

GA House Dist. 180 (Camden, Charlton)

Steven Sainz (R / Incumbent) Unopposed

GA Public Service Commissioners

GA Public Service Commissioner

Jason Shaw (R / Incumbent) vs. Robert Bryant (D) vs. Elizabeth Melton (LPF)

GA Public Service Commissioner

Lauren Bubba McDonald Jr. (R / Incumbent) vs. Daniel Blackman (D) vs. Nathan Wilson (LPF)