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Florida 2020 Voter Guide | All you need to know about the election, your county races

Election Day is Nov. 3. Here's a guide with important dates from early voting, to mail in ballots to everything and everyone on the ballot in your county.
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla — The United States is set to have its 59th presidential election Nov. 3 and voters will certainly be faced with many other choices on their ballots. Depending on where you live, there are congressional and senate races. You may be voting in new sheriffs, judges, school board members or deciding to retain local incumbents.

Here's a comprehensive county-by-county guide to the 2020 general election and voting in Florida.

Important Dates:

Election Day: Nov. 3, 2020

Poll Hours: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. *If you're in line at 7 p.m. you're legally allowed to cast your ballot. 

Deadline to register to vote: Oct. 5

How can I register to vote?

Florida makes it fairly easy to register to vote online. You can do that here.

Not sure if you're registered to vote already? You can check here.

Register by mail and find eligibility requirements here.

Vote-by-mail ballot "send" deadline

  • For absentee stateside voters, overseas U.S. military service members or overseas civilian voters: Ballots should be in the mail by Sept. 19
  • For a domestic nonmilitary voter who requested a mail ballot, the "send" timeframe is Sept. 24 through Oct. 1

Vote-by-mail ballot request and return deadlines

  • You must request a mail-in ballot for the general election by 5 p.m. Oct. 24
  • The deadline to get your mail ballot to your county elections office is 7 p.m. on Election Day

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Early voting in Florida

  • The statewide timeframe is Oct. 19 to Nov. 2, but some counties offer more dates


Baker County: 

Clerk of Courts: 

Stacie Harvey (D / Incumbent) vs. Robert Fred Gray (R) 

Bradford County:

Supervisor of Elections: 

Amanda Seyfang (R)  vs. Storm Zedra Hamilton (NPA)

Bradford County Commission Dist. 1: 

Carolyn Spooner (D) vs. Robby Stokley (R)

Bradford County Commission Dist. 5:

Diane Andrews (R)  vs. Carol Mosley (NPA)

Bradford Superintendent of Schools:

Stacey Shuford Creighton (R / Incumbent) vs. Will Hartley (NPA)

Bradford Clerk of Court:

Denny Thompson (R)  vs. Cynthia Davis Berry (NPA) & Lisa Alvarez Rodgers (NPA)

Bradford County

Clay County: 

Superintendent of Schools: 

David Broskie (R / Incumbent) vs. Tyler Groves (R / Write-in Candidate)

Clay County School Board Dist. 2: 

Carol Studdard vs. Beth Clark

The Crossings at Fleming Island CDD - Seat 1 

Mike Bruno vs. Calvin Lathan vs. Mary Michaels 

The Crossings at Fleming Island CDD - Seat 2

Eric Heinton vs. David Herold 

The Crossings at Fleming Island CDD - Seat 5

Laurie McIntyre vs. Robbin Rush 

Rolling Hills CCD - Seat 1

Helana Joanne Cormier vs. Jeffrey Havener Jr. vs. John Miller 

South Village CCD - Seat 4

G. Glenn Warren vs. Michael Young 

Ballot Initiative: 

Discretionary sales surtax referendum for a ½ cent increase in sales tax for the School System

Clay County

Columbia County: 

Tax Collector: 

Kyle Keen (R)  vs. Davie Parrish (LPF)

Columbia County Commission Dist. 3:

Robby Hollingsworth vs. Bucky Nash

Lake City Dist. 13 (Runoff Race) 

Ft. White Mayor 

6 Columbia County Charter Review Amendments

8 Lake City Charter Referendums

Columbia County

Duval County:

Duval County Clerk of Court: 

Jody Phillips (R)  vs. Jimmy Midyette (D) 

Jacksonville City Council Dist. 4 (Special Runoff Race): 

Nicole Hamm (D) vs. Kevin Carrico (R) 

Soil & Water Group 2: 

John Barnes vs. Binod Kumar vs. John Nooney vs. Matt Reimer

Soil & Water Group 4:

Lagarall Bates vs. Arthur Bides vs. Jaquan Fulton vs. Ashantae Green vs. Carter Jones

Duval County Ballot Initiatives: 

"Amending Jacksonville Charter, granting city council authority to appoint and remove four JEA board members"

Shall the Jacksonville Charter be amended to create a new Section 4.03 and amend Section 21.03 which will (1) grant to City Council the executive power to appoint and remove four members of the JEA Board and (2) amend the qualifications of Board members?"

"School Capital Outlay Sales Surtax to Improve Safety and the Learning Environment"

To upgrade aging schools through repairs and modernization, to keep schools safe and to continue to promote a conducive learning environment, to improve technology, and to replace existing or build new schools, and share with charter schools for their allowable uses, shall the Duval County School Board be authorized to levy a 15-year half-cent sales surtax, with expenditures based upon the Surtax Capital Outlay Plan, and monitored by an independent citizens committee?

Atlantic Beach:

Mayor/Commissioner Seat 1:

Ellen Glasser (Incumbent) vs. Ricky Lowell Carper and Terri Lynn Ray

Commissioner Seat 2: 

Bruce Stanley Bole vs. Frank Cashman

Commissioner Seat 3: 

Lisa Goodrich vs. Michael Waters 


Commencing with the election in November, 2022 shall Section 5 of the Atlantic Beach Charter be amended to: (1) extend the Mayor-Commissioner term of office from two to four years; (2) reduce the Mayor-Commissioner number of allowable consecutive terms from four to two terms; and (3) limit any Mayor-Commissioner holding office as of November, 2022, who has served two consecutive terms, to one additional consecutive four-year term?

            YES                                                    NO                  

Jacksonville Beach: 


Chris Hoffman vs. Jeanell Wilson

City Council Seat 1: 

Frances Povloski vs. Fernando Meza

City Council Seat 3:

Chet Stokes vs. Ken Marsh

Duval County

Nassau County: 

Nassau County Judge Group 1:

Jenny Higginbotham Barratt vs. John Joseph Cascone 

Soil and Water Conservation District Member - Group 4

Joe Johnson vs. Devin Mizell 

Amelia Concourse Community Development Dist. - Seat 1

Elizabeth Dominguez vs. Jeffrey Snow 

Callahan Council Member

Ken Bass vs. Jacquelyn Fleming vs. Shirley Graham vs. David Mellecker vs. Ashton Vargas

Fernandina Beach Straw Ballot for Mayor: 

Len Kreger vs. Mike Lednovich 

Fernandina Beach Ballot Question:

Should the Fernandina Beach City Charter be amended to prohibit the sale or lease of City-owned conservation lands and restrict the sale or lease of City-owned recreation facilities by requiring unanimous vote of the City Commission and approval at a referendum by at least 70% of the electors of the City?

Fernandina Beach City Commissioner, Group 1

Marian Phillips vs. Bradley Bean

Fernandina Beach City Commissioner, Group 2

Alexandra Lajoux vs. David Sturgess vs. Genece Minshew

Fernandina Beach City Commissioner, Group 3

Ronald Ross vs. Wendall McGahee

Hilliard Town Council (3 Positions - Top 3 Candidates will serve 4-year terms) 

James King vs. Lee Pickett vs. Kenny Sims vs. Jared Wollitz

Nassau County

Putnam County: 

Putnam County Sheriff: 

H.D. “Gator” Deloach (R / Incumbent) vs. Edison Edison (NPA) 


Rick Surrency (R / Incumbent) vs. Pamela Brown (D) 

Putnam Board of County Commissioners Dist. 3: 

Terry Turner (R) vs. Joshua James Mast (D) vs. Douglas Hays (NPA)

Palatka City Commission Group 3:

Willie Jones vs. David Parsons 

Crescent City Mayor: 

Michele Myers vs. Craig Oates vs. Brett Peterson 

Crescent City Commissioner Group 3:

Cynthia Jo Burton vs. Jamaad Cesar-Batts 

Pomona Park Mayor / Councilman:

John Morbitzer vs. Joseph Svingala (Incumbent) 

Pomona Park Town Council - Seat 5:

James Griffin (Incumbent) vs. Joseph Svingala Jr. 

Pomona Park Town Council - Seat 6:

Darlena Cuevas vs. Forest Bud Eckels

Putnam County

St. Johns County:

St. Johns County Sheriff: 

Rob Hardwick (R)  vs. Scott Boutwell (Write-in Candidate)

St. Johns County Commissioner Dist. 1: 

Joe McAnarney (D) vs Christian Whitehurst (R)   

St. Johns County Commissioner Dist. 5:

Henry Dean (R)  vs. Merrill Paul Roland (NPA) 

City of St. Augustine Commissioner Seat 1: 

Roxanne Horvath (Incumbent) vs. Wade Ross 

City of St. Augustine Commissioner Seat 2: 

Barbara Blonder vs. Leanna Freeman (Incumbent)  

City of St. Augustine Beach Commissioner Seat 1 

Maggie Kostka vs. Ernesto Torres 

Anastasia Mosquito Control District - Seat 1

Catherina Brandhorst vs. Tim Burton vs. Jan Cardia 

Anastasia Mosquito Control District - Seat 3

Gina LeBlanc vs. Howard McGaffney vs. Felicia Proia 

Anastasia Mosquito Control District - Seat 5

Gayle Gardner vs. Gary Howell vs. Ed Slavin 

St. Augustine - St. Johns County Airport Authority - Group 4

Samual Barresi vs. Michael Henne vs. Austin Lanteigne vs. Robert Olson

St. Augustine - St. Johns County Airport Authority - Group 5

Jerome Dion vs. Mark Frazier vs. Reba Ludlow

St. Johns Soil & Water Conservation District - Group 3 

Nicole Crosby vs. John Sykes 

St. Johns Soil & Water Conservation District - Group 4

Charles Owen vs. Brenda Stratton 

St. Augustine Port, Waterway and Beach District - Group 2

Bobby Stewart vs. Jane West 

St. Augustine Port, Waterway and Beach District - Group 4

Roy Jaeger vs. Christopher Way 

Brandy Creek Community Development District - Seat 2 

Clarence Blalock vs. Terrence Roese

Brandy Creek Community Development District - Seat 4

Charles Dicey vs. Shawn Jolly 

Heritage Landing Community Development District - Seat 1

Kevin Austin vs. Max Castaneda 

Marshall Creek Community Development District - Seat 4

Monique Perna vs. Douglas Senecal 

Marshall Creek Community Development District - Seat 5

Richard Luciano  vs. Jeffrey Riley 

Rivers Edge Community Development District - Seat 3

Robert Cameron vs. Darryl Howard 

Rivers Edge Community Development District - Seat 5

Fred Baron vs. Julio Caballero 

Six Mile Creek Community Development District - Seat 3

Wendy Hartley vs. Elvis Pierre 

Six Mile Creek Community Development District - Seat 5

Darren Glynn vs. Rod Morris vs. Eric Wilderman 

Sweetwater Creek Community Development District - Seat 3

Ronald Cervelli vs. Jennifer Hickernell vs. Brad Nelson vs. Ian Rankin vs. Charles Usina III

Tolomato Community Development District - Seat 1

Jon Morris vs. Andrea Ramirez 

Turnbull Creek Community Development District - Seat 2

George Jacobs vs. Will Simmons

St. Johns County

Union County:

Superintendent of Schools: 

David Harris (NPA) vs. Michael Ripplinger (R)  

**There is also a County Surtax on the ballot

7th Judicial Circuit (St. Johns, Putnam): 

7th Judicial Circuit State Attorney: 

R.J. Larizza (R / Incumbent) vs. Don Dempsey (Independent) 

7th Circuit Judge - Group 14 (Runoff): 

Joan Anthony vs. Dan Hilbert 

Union County

Northeast Florida Congressional Races: 

U.S. Rep. Dist. 3 (Bradford, Clay, Putnam, Union): 

Kat Cammack (R) vs. Adam Christensen (D)

U.S. Rep. Dist. 4 (Duval, Nassau, St. Johns):

John Rutherford (R / Incumbent) vs. Donna Deegan (D) vs. Gary Koniz (Write-In Candidate)

U.S. Rep. Dist. 5 (Baker, Duval):

Al Lawson (D / Incumbent) vs. Gary Adler (R) 

U.S. Rep. Dist. 6 (St. Johns): 

Mike Waltz (R / Incumbent) vs. Clint Curtis (D) vs. Alan Grayson (Write-in Candidate) and John Nolan (Write-in Candidate) 

Northeast Florida State Senate Races:

FL State Senate Dist. 5 (Baker, Bradford, Clay, Columbia, Union): 

Jennifer Bradley (R)  vs. Melina Rayna Barratt (D)

FL State Senate Dist. 7 (St. Johns): 

Heather Hunter (D) vs. Travis Hutson (R / Incumbent) vs. Richard Dembinsky (Write-in Candidate)

Northeast Florida State House Races:

FL House Dist. 10 (Baker, Columbia):

Chuck Brannan (R / Incumbent) vs. Rock Aboujaode Jr. (D)

FL House Dist. 11 (Nassau, Duval): 

Cord Byrd (R / Incumbent) vs. Joshua Hicks (D)

FL House Dist. 12 (Duval):

Clay Yarborough (R / Incumbent) vs. Emmanuel Blimie (D)

FL House Dist. 13 (Duval): 

Tracie Davis (D / Incumbent) Unopposed (Republican Primary was canceled)

FL House Dist. 14 (Duval): 

Angie Nixon (D) vs. Write-in Nancy Lynn Kapetanovic (Republican Primary was canceled)

FL House Dist. 15 (Duval):

Tammyette Thomas (D) vs. Wyman Duggan (R / Incumbent) 

FL House Dist. 16 (Duval):

Jason Fischer (R / Incumbent) vs. Ben Marcus (D) 

FL House Dist. 17 (St. Johns):

Cyndi Stevenson (R / Incumbent) vs. Dave Rogers (D)

FL House Dist. 18 (Clay): 

Sam Garrison (R)  vs. Leroy Anthony Edwards (D) vs. Ken Willey (Libertarian) 

FL House Dist. 19 (Clay, Bradford, Putnam, Union): 

Bobby Payne (R / Incumbent) vs. Kimberly Dugger (D)

FL House Dist. 24 (St. Johns): 

Paul Renner (R / Incumbent) vs. Adam Morley (D)