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Monday is the last day to register to vote in the Georgia Primary

February 24 is the deadline to register for the Georgia Presidential Primary

ATLANTA — Monday is the last day to register to vote in next month's presidential primary in Georgia.

For those of you who are certain that you are already registered, now is the opportunity to ensure that you are still registered and that you have not fallen off or been purged from the voter rolls.

In order to check, visit the Secretary of State's My Voter Page at https://www.mvp.sos.ga.gov/MVP/mvp.do 

On the right side of that page, enter your first initial, last name, which county you live in and your date of birth. If you are registered, you'll be given your name, address and other voter information as it is listed on the voter rolls, your precinct information, and links to your elected officials along with links to candidates who have qualified for the upcoming election.

In addition, there will be information regarding early voting locations and times for your county and sample ballots for your precinct for the upcoming election. 

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You will also be able to download an application for an absentee ballot and obtain instructions on how to vote absentee for the upcoming election.

If you are not registered, you will be directed to a page where you can register online to vote.

You may visit your local county board of registrars' office or election office, public library, public assistance office, recruitment office, schools or another government office to obtain a paper application and mail it into the voter registration office.

Voter registration in Georgia is offered when you renew or apply for a driver's license at the Georgia Department of Driver's Services.

College students in Georgia may obtain Georgia voter registration forms or the forms to register for any US state from their school registrar's office or the office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs at their institution.

If you mail in your application, it must be postmarked by the deadline -- in this case, Monday, February 24.

The county will mail our your registration card within three-to-four weeks to your address.  

The Georgia Primary is scheduled for Tuesday, March 24. Early voting gets underway on Monday, March 2.


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