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Duval County Election results

The following are up-to-date election results from Duval County's May 16, 2023 election. This page automatically updates every two minutes. Polls close at 7 p.m.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Election Day is Tuesday and voters will return to the polls to vote for Jacksonville's next mayor, alongside several open City Council seats.

In this election, Daniel Davis and Donna Deegan went head-to-head in a runoff for the next mayor of Jacksonville. Deegan was victorious becoming the first female mayor in Jacksonville's history

Donna Deegan victory speech

Daniel Davis concession speech

Live elections results 

  • Daniel Davis REP 
  • Donna Deegan DEM 

Property Appraiser 

  • Jason Fischer REP 
  • Joyce Morgan DEM

City Council At-Large Group 5 

  • Charles Garrison DEM 
  • Chris Miller REP

City Council District 2 

  • Lindsey Brock REP 
  • Mike Gay REP

City Council District 7 

  • Joseph Hogan REP 
  • Jimmy Peluso DEM

City Council District 8 

  • Reggie Gaffney Jr DEM 
  • Tameka Gaines Holly DEM

City Council District 9 

  • Tyrona Clark-Murray DEM 
  • Mike Muldoon REP

City Council District 11

  • Raul Arias REP 
  • Ramon Day DEM

City Council District 14 

  • John Draper REP 
  • Rahman Johnson DEM

Jacksonville Beach Referendum

Increase building height up to an additional 20 feet for the Latham Plaza Parking Lot Shall the Jacksonville Beach Charter be amended to allow the redevelopment of a City-owned property bounded by 1st Street North, 2nd Street North, Latham Plaza, and 111 Beach Boulevard, exempting the property from the 35 feet height limit, to allow a maximum building height of 55 feet for a mixed-use redevelopment with a parking structure?  

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