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Duval County early voting spikes in final hours ahead of Election Day

Early voting precincts averaged around 1400 voters per hour Sunday, putting Duval County back on pace for 30% turnout.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Duval County is one step closer to finding out who Jacksonville's new mayor will be along with several other seats.

Early voting ended Sunday with a last day surge, pushing total voter turn-out ahead of Election Day to 14%.

"I knew it was open, I kind of forgot. I was like, 'Oh shoot, today's the last day, I better hurry up and go since they close at 6.' I made it here before 6," said Early Voter Katrina Holland.

Holland early votes in every election - she always wants to dodge the lines on Election Day.

For this city election, she managed to be one of the last early voters. A title Supervisor of Elections Mike Hogan says quite a few voters hold, as last minute was a popular time to early vote.

"The first 11 days, we averaged about 400 per hour," said Hogan. "In the last two days preceding today [Sunday], it was at 700 per hour. Today, we're averaging 1400 people per hour."

Hogan is optimistic that with another 90,000 to 100,000 voters on Election Day, they'll be right around the 30% turn-out they were projecting.

That's if those voters make sure they head to the right precinct.

"We've had to do two different redistrictings," said Hogan. "That meant that more people are in new districts than ever before. It always happens on a redistricting year, but ours was different than anybody else's because we had to do it twice because of a lawsuit."

Although the 30% or so turn out in city elections pales in comparison to the 75% turn out we see when a president is on the ballot, Holland made sure not to miss it.

"I vote in every election, just so that my voice can be heard," said Holland. "Every voice counts, so I just want to make my vote matter."

Election Day is Tuesday March 21st with polls open 7 to 7.

You can track your polling location here: Precinct Finder

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