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Mayor Curry praises president, excoriates 'radical left' at Jacksonville Trump rally

“He is a man of action, he is a deal maker, and he gets things done,” Mayor Lenny Curry told the crowd at President Trump's reelection rally Thursday.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — In a roughly-five minute speech at Thursday's rally for President Donald Trump, Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry called for "four more years," praising the president as "a man of action" and "a man of faith." 

A partial transcript of his comments is below. 

“He is a man of action, he is a deal maker, and he gets things done.”

“Left wing radicals have mocked his faith. Some have even gone so far to say it’s not real. They’re lying. On his desk that was covered with contracts and work was in a very clean space was a bible. Contrary to what they tell you, this was 8 years ago you could tell that bible was front and center. He’s a man of faith he uses it they wanted to take god out of this country not with President Donald Trump.” 

"To tell you what kind a person he is, I happened to be at home when the phone call came, I said Mr. President my 11-year-old daughter Bridget would like to say hello. He spent about 5 minutes on the phone with her Asking her how she was doing, personal questions. And then he closed with – her name is Bridget – Bridget, take care of your father. And he said never mind I’ve met your mother. Take care of your mother.”

"Our country needs a president who supports law enforcement now more than ever."

"As the radical left abandoned our men and women in uniform President has remained steadfast supportive of the blue. If you need an example of how important this election is, just this week in our city Jacksonville, the left’s agenda crept in liberals attempted this week to defund our Sheriff’s Office. But it failed."

"Thank you President Trump for your leadership."

"Seventy percent of the people in Duval County opposed defunding our police. About 23 percent support it. This is the 70 percent right here."

"I’ll close with this. We are truly at a crossroads. Continued economic prosperity for all people, or the radical left’s lawless agenda that does not reflect the values of this country or of Jacksonville Florida and Duval County."

"We must do our part to ensure President Trump has four more years as President of the greatest country in the history of the world. Four more years of a booming economy. Four more years of law and order. And four more years of upending the status quo and Washington, D.C."

"Vote for four more years. God bless you, god bless America, god bless your family."

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