JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — "I thought because this is an elective, it wouldn't be a big deal," says State Representative Kimberly Daniels from Jacksonville. 

Turns out she has a fight on her hands.  "Bring it on. Make my day. I'm not scared," Daniels says about the debate over House Bill 195, of which she is a co-sponsor.

Kimberly Daniels, pastor and co-sponsor of Bible bill, House Bill 195
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ACLU attorney Jimmy Midyette says the law would be unconstitutional. "It violates the wall of separation of church and state," he says. 

But how can that be when the bill calls for Bible courses as electives?

The bill mandates all public high schools in Florida offer Bible courses as electives. The image below is taken straight from HB 195: 

How House Bill 195 words the mandate for Bible courses
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Midyette says that's unconstitutional because the courses in the public school system would focus on the Bible only. "That shows the government favoring one specific tradition as opposed to all the others," he says. 

Jimmy Midyette, attorney for ACLU
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First Coast News asked Daniels if she'd support a course focused on, say,