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April Carney, Charlotte Joyce win Duval County School Board races

The candidates didn't have an official party affiliation, however, that didn't stop groups and leaders from endorsing candidates based on issues along party lines.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — For a non-partisan race, the party lines were clearly drawn in the Duval County School Board election in District 2. 

And it was a close race.

April Carney received 16,216 votes, winning 53% of the total vote.  Elizabeth Andersen received 14,617 votes, narrowly losing with 47% of the vote

Republicans Governor Ron DeSantis and Congressman John Rutherford, among others, endorsed Carney, who campaigned as a conservative mom. 

The local teachers union, Duval Teachers United, as well as Duval County Democratic Party, among others, endorsed Anderson, who was the incumbent.

This is the District 2 race and this school board seat covers 19 schools at the Beaches and Intracoastal West area.

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According to both of their campaign websites, they were in favor of school safety, parental rights, and a great education. 

However, Andersen said she was not for the party politics.

“I definitely am an advocate for making sure that these school board seats and anything that really has to do with our kids is not partisan," Andersen said. "My background as a licensed mental health counselor and former educator puts me in a position where I have some experience and expertise just looking at what is good for kids and what is good for making sure they get the education they deserve.”

First Coast News reached out to Carney and her campaign for an interview. They did not accept our interview request. 

Chair of the Republican Party of Duval County Dean Black, who is also running for office, says they support Carney because they are against what he describes as a “woke” agenda.

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District 6

Incumbent Charlotte Joyce, a former teacher and magnet school coordinator, was challenged by Tanya Hardaker.

Joyce was previously endorsed by Gov. DeSantis in the nonpartisan race.

She managed to hold onto her seat with 59% of the vote, with 16,153 of the votes cast.

The Duval GOP noted that the results of both races flip the Duval County School Board to majority registered Republicans.

"Tonight, parents from across Duval County made their voices heard and re-elected District 6 School Board Member, Charlotte Joyce as well as elected April Carney to School Board District 2," said Chairman Dean Black of the Republican Party of Duval County as part of an emailed statement.

"These victories officially FLIP the School Board to majority registered Republicans 4-3. More importantly it rejects the WOKE indoctrination, sexualization, and Marxist polices that have been allowed to occur and puts the power back into the hands of PARENTS!"

First Coast News has reached out to the Duval County Democratic Party for a statement about the races and are waiting to hear back.

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