SPRINGFIELD, Fla. -- Two local entrepreneurs have big ambitions near the Springfield Historic District.

Located just north of downtown, the Springfield area is filled with local charm, restored homes, and unique shops and restaurants. That's why Aislynn Thomas-McDonald and Christy Frazier believe their newest project will be the perfect fit for this community.

The women have plans to transform three vacant warehouses near the intersection of Liberty and 14th St. into the 'Phoenix Arts District', complete with a 'Jacksonville School of the Arts.'

The buildings have sat vacant for quite some time and include 100,000 sq. ft. worth of warehouse space.

"This is an empty canvas right now. We want to help create something that's extra special, that's differentiated from Riverside or Avondale or San Marco, or Jax Beach," Thomas-McDonald said.

Frazier is a self-taught artist specializing in multimedia mosaic and sculpture art. She said she wants to provide a new avenue for people who might not have the means to go to an expensive art school.

"Springfield definitely needs an anchor and I think the arts would be perfect," she said.

In addition to the school of arts, some of the space could be used to hold events, parties, art galleries, and work spaces for artists to create their latest projects.

The women are working with community leaders to help fund and map out their dream. They hope to start construction on the school of the arts sometime in 2017.