ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. -- One woman who was just doing her job as a pizza delivery person realized she was in the perfect position to help those hurt by the hurricane.

Kimberly Sabato now volunteers on her days off to clean-up homes and yards of hurricane victims in St. Johns County.

But she got to this point while working as a delivery person for Five Star Pizza in St. Augustine.

"I get to go to Vilano, Treasure Beach, Davis Shores, all over," Sabato said.

And while delivering pizza to people who didn't have electricity after the storm, she realized these customers really needed more than pizza...

So she started packing her car with water, cleansers, and whatever.

"I would drop supplies off at people's houses that I would go to," she explained.

Sabato did these extra deliveries during and after work.

"A lot of the drivers, as soon as they saw me doing this, they said, 'how can we help?' And I loaded them up with supplies too. So the Five Star Family has been amazing," Sabato nodded.

She remembers one woman she took supplies too.

"There was water everywhere, so I stopped, and went to her door, gave her some water, food and cleaning supplies, and a tarp and they all busted into tears," Sabato said.

And now that same customer is running a community hurricane recovery center in Vilano Beach...

"It's nice to see when your hard work pays off that other people start working hard. That's why we can't quit."

And that's why Sabato and friends have shifted into doing manual labor -- working in yards and homes. For her, it started with a pizza delivery and a warm heart.