You might see this tent and think the circus has come to town, but you'd only be half right. This is more like circus meets Halloween.

It starts off in the pre-show area, where characters will interact with you in a haunted graveyard setting. From there, you’ll walk down a hallway and into a big staging area.

“The show is a very fun, wicked, sexy incredibly interactive horror theme,” said Olivia Mattice, who plays Maleficent. 

Mattice says people don’t usually know what to expect coming in.

“People expect to see circus animals and fire, when it’s more theatrics, it’s more magic," Mattice said.

Mattice says the show is more than just a random assortment of acts but tells a story.

"If you really pay attention, we really do have a nice little plot," Mattice said.

The acts are talent from around the world.

"We have a couple performers that fly beautifully in the air, both male and female," Mattice said, "as well as we have a couple acrobatics."

As long as you’re in the crowd, you could find yourself in the middle of the show.

"We try to involve our audience, bring them on stage and just have a lot of fun with them," Mattice said.

There is also a face painting station, so you can leave as a haunted character.

The Paranormal Cirque will be in St. Augustine until Sunday, Feb. 17, then will head to Orange Park.

Those under 17 will need a parent or guardian over the age of 21 to accompany them.