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Pam Tebow discusses the power of influence with GMA's Robin Roberts

Tim Tebow's mom, Pam, sits down on Good Morning America to talk about her new book Ripple Effects.

It's a name you've heard hundreds of times: Tim Tebow. Now, the woman who raised him is in the spotlight. 

Tim Tebow is a Nease High School graduate, University of Florida Heisman Trophy winner, former NFL football player, now professional baseball player in the New York Mets organization, overall "do-gooder", and some say First Coast hero. 

On Wednesday Tebow's mom, Pam, sat down with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America to talk about her son, her family, and new book, Ripple Effects. The title is inspired by a quote by Mother Theresa. 

"She says, 'I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone upon the waters and create new ripples'. And, I feel that's true of us too. No matter what season of life we're in and what our opportunities or circumstances, we all need purpose and I can't think of a greater purpose than to know we can have a life-impacting influence on people in our spheres, whether they're small or large and create ripple effects," Pam Tebow said. 

It's a testament to how she raised not just Timmy, as she calls him, but all of her kids.

"We don't know, when I'm influencing Timmy to be an influence to other people, what kind of an impact is he going to have? And that's the same truth I taught to my other kids. Timmy's just on a big stage. But we can have that small stage with the people around us."