There's a major push to increase safety for pedestrians and cyclists in Jacksonville.

Right now a local group is taking steps to get more sidewalks and bike lanes installed but they need your help and the funds to make it happen. Christopher Burns has been riding his bike for more than 30 years. He’s a business man by day and a cyclist at night with one goal... to make Jacksonville streets safer.

“Even though I’m very comfortable being within traffic, there are still lots of times where I’m scared,” said Burns, who’s also the chairman of the Jacksonville bicycle pedestrian advisory committee says something needs to be done to protect cyclists and pedestrians in the city.

“In 2011 we had fatalities with bicycling and pedestrians that were in the 20’s. in 2016 we had 43,” said Burns.

A draft plan recommends increasing the numbers of sidewalks, putting up pedestrian safety lights, and adding bicycle lanes to roads that don’t have any. Another aspect of the draft plan includes reducing the speed limit on certain roads like Philips Highway.

“Any time you have a competition between a five-thousand-pound car and an individual weighing less than 200 pounds, the individual is always going to lose,” said Burns.

The bicyclists says it’s not enough to make it convenient for people to ride. “We also have to make it safe so that people don’t have their knee shaking and head for their car.”

He says he needs your feedback and support to move forward with the proposed plan. You can read the full plan here.