JACKSONVILLE, Fl -- Army Veteran Hayward Peterson has a complaint about his recent purchase. In September, he went to Pet World at its Mandarin location and purchased a German Shepherd puppy.

Peterson said he was not informed the dog was sick at the time of purchase, but realized very soon after that it was.

"He was very sick when we bought him," said Peterson.

His German Shepherd was diagnosed with Giardia, an intestinal disease.

"We called them the second day and told them and they said it could be the food," he said.

The puppy is AKC registered and cost him $2,206.17. He financed the purchase,

The Disabled Army Veteran said he made the investment because his intent was to train Lucas to become a service dog.

"I have health problems and somewhere down the line I may need this dog to help me do things, said Peterson.

When he made the purchase his contract read, No refunds, Credits or Exchanges.

Nevertheless, Peterson is convinced that under Florida's Pet Lemon Law he is entitled to a refund.

Co-owner Mike Kassnoff said by phone, Lucas was healthy.

"If something came up within 14 days that deemed it is not fit for sale, we can do something, that is not the case," he said.

He said his store went beyond what is required to work with the family.

"We offered to pay for the Vet treatments, but the customer declined," said Kassnoff.

Hayward Peterson said he cannot afford to keep Lucas, not with his current disease, and they may have to put him down.

They have another dog and they're concern that he will spread the disease.

"I asked them to take the dog back, refund my money," he said.

Kassnoff said he cannot take the dog back, but he is hoping they can work it out.

In the meantime, Peterson has filed a violation of the Pet Lemon Law with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.