JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Flipping through her Bahamas wedding album, Angie Orth wishes it had been the care-free trip she’d hoped for, but It started with an unwelcome surprise when she arrived at the Bahama Beach Club.

"The whole place was under construction. They didn’t tell us anything about it until we arrived, so we couldn’t make alternate arrangements," tells Angie Orth.

Orth says between the construction at her venues, a closed restaurant and a lot of tears during the week, it was not what she felt she had been promised for her wedding day or for her guests. As a travel blogger for 'Angie Away', she had been given a discounted rate with the hotel expecting a positive review, but Angie Orth says the experience became so unacceptable, she couldn’t write something positive.

"I couldn’t lie about what had happened, because obviously it is the wedding, I come back everyone wanted to know how it went, everybody wants to see the photos. I just really had to tell the truth and say it wasn’t what we paid for," explains Orth.

She also asked Bahama Beach Club for some type of refund for her guests, which she says they did not receive.

"Because they didn’t get the luxurious, 5-star vacation they were offered," she says.

A few months later in February, Angie and her husband were settling into married life when a Twitter message came in from an account: @ToVacationIdeas. The aggressive messages started out vague, then got specific about her wedding, tagging TripAdvisor and Bahama Beach Club where she got married.

"They started talking about proprietary information like how much we spent and how many people stayed," says Orth.

Angie Orth says she was getting as many as 30 a day.

"It got progressively worse and more threatening and he started threatening to kill me and threatening to rape me and it got out of control," says Orth.

Angie says she didn’t respond other than to tell the account to stop contacting her, but it continued to get worse.

"The guy who was tweeting, was also tweeting at my clients and professional acquaintances of mine and colleagues and newspapers that I would like to write for. So he was going out on purpose and defaming my reputation," tells Orth.

The link in the twitter profile leads directly to Avdhesh Kumbhar, who worked as an Internet Marketing Professional for the Bahama Beach Club. Craig Roberts with Bahama Beach Club says the man’s employment was terminated several months prior to Angie Orth’s wedding.

"It got really serious and he said he was going to meet me at my house and he was coming to find me. I would tweet about ‘I’m going on vacation’ and he would be like ‘well I’ll be there and we can talk about this’ and ‘you can rest in peace’ and it was just so scary," she says.

She did exactly what experts suggest, save everything! Keeping a record of the harassment and threats is crucial. Also, tell people what you are going through.

"Shining some light on it is better than suffering through it by yourself," tells Orth.

I contacted the Bahama Beach Club for a response. Craig Roberts with Bahama Beach Club says Angie Orth asked for money in order to blog "nice things" about the resort. Orth provided First Coast News dozens of pages of emails between her and management, which seem to confirm her side of the story. Roberts also promised to do the same, but as yet, he has not.

In Florida, cyberstalking can be considered a felony if it puts a person in fear for their life. Angie Orth says she did reach out to law enforcement, but she says she was told there was not much they could do because the threats were coming from outside the country.

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