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Honoring Vietnam veterans, commemorating 50 years since last combat soldier's exit | Voices of Bravery

Jeannie Blaylock and Lewis Turner will tell the stories of Vietnam veterans celebrating those who served during a special report 7 p.m., April 13 on WJXX ABC25.

Jeannie Blaylock

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Published: 12:28 PM EDT March 17, 2023
Updated: 2:59 PM EDT April 13, 2023

It’s been 50 years since the last combat soldier returned from the Vietnam War. To commemorate this, First Coast News On Your Side recognizes their bravery.

Anchors Jeannie Blaylock and Lewis Turner profile men who tell us they, ‘kissed the ground when they got home,’ and yet, in the same breath, describe how they were also spat on and called, ‘baby killers.’ Their stories will captivate you. What some veterans endured as ‘Tunnel Rats’ will grip you. The POW’s tell about torture, and, yet, pride in serving their country. 

We invite you to watch Voices of Bravery: Honoring the Veterans of Vietnam to hear from local Vietnam vets on Good Morning Jacksonville at 6 a.m. and on First Coast News at 6 p.m. every day from March 27 through April 13th. Then join us for our special report – the stories of First Coast Vietnam Veterans and a tribute to them aboard the USS Orleck at 7 p.m., April 13, on WJXX ABC25.

The hour-long special reair on First Coast News+ on Roku and FireTV so you can watch on your schedule. The special will also be shown in Duval County Public Schools later this year as an educational tool. 

The following are stories we're sharing to honor those who served.

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